Hi everyone! My name is Bloom. When I was a girl, I hated my name. Especially in low grades, when the boy that I’ve had a secret crush on, started to call me “Flower”. Now I know that it was actually an expression of affection, but back then… it was a disaster for me.

Consequently, besides my name, I started to hate all houseplants (our home was like a greenhouse) and hated my mother, because of her love for those green-and-flowering-things-that-were-all-around-the-house. She even tried to push some to MY ROOM!!

At the bottom line, you did not think that my name was a coincidence, did you?

But, that was a long time ago. That was before I met The Queen Of All Flowers.

(No, it’s not any special specie of flowers or queens, by the way, it’s just what I called orchids.)

When I left my small hometown and moved to the city, I run into a flower shop window, full of blooming orchids… Some of them were potted, and some were from hanging baskets, but the variety of colors flooded me like a revelation. It was love at first sight! I wanted to have them, I wanted to learn everything about them.

That’s how my orchids-voyage started. I’m still on it, as the world of orchids is truly endless. I would need more than one life to meet them all. Nowadays, with the Internet and all the technical staff available, that trip is much easier.

Some friends talked me into opening this blog, to share the journey with like-minded people. I hope that you will enjoy the reading, as I believe that anyone who can say I ♥ orchids, will be able to find something interesting here.

Love you all!